Doumbéa products : a matter of passion and excellence.


Yves Le Guel’s ambition is to bring traditional salt-cured ham to the finest restaurants in the city.

Salt-cured ham at rue de Charonne

At the beginning of the 2000s, Yves Le Guel revived the traditional preparation of salt-cured ham at 166 rue de Charonne in Paris.

As a fan of refined cuisine, he set out to reawaken the authentic Parisian ham. His company is the last one that still produces it.

Since the very beginning of their activities under the Doumbéa brand, Le Guel’s company has been committed to preserving heritage and upholding exceptional gastronomic culture as well as the precious Parisian terroir.

Yves Le Guel, the company’s director, spent two years training under the best pork butchers in the country’s capital. Once a fully accomplished master of his art, he was able to develop and refine his product thanks to a few secrets of his own invention.

Doumbéa products are, above all, a matter of passion and excellence.

Yves Le Guel is proud to offer his customers the taste of real ham; ham of exceptional quality with a unique flavor and texture.

Well-renowned products

As of today, a team of twelve ham makers works under the direction of Yves Le Guel.

His hams are well known among gourmets, some of whom don’t hesitate to give the ham makers of rue Charonne affectionate nicknames, such as “the last of the Mohicans”. Rillons, jambonneaux and gambettes are irresistible to foodies as well as to everyone else who gets a taste of these traditionally prepared products.

Prince de Paris, a ham bearing its signature Eiffel tower stamp, is praised by French chefs Yannick Allégro and Cyril Lignac and it is the only ham sold by Hugo Desnoyer, a star Paris butcher. The ham has also made it to the prestigious tables of Park Hyatt hotels and the racks of the finest food shops.

It is a rare, luxury product but at the same time a deliciously simple food, perfect for a meal among friends. It is worth mentioning that Prince de Paris is an ingredient in 12 out of the 15 best Parisian sandwiches as rated by the Le Figaro daily.

Discover the way we make our products

Our method

The secret of our flavors lies mainly in respecting the traditions of our ancestors.

An authentic product, a hundred-year old method

The meat that we meticulously select for our hams comes from the best French farms.

Once the pork legs are shipped in from the towns of Rungis or Dreux, the first phase consists of injecting the brine, a mix of vegetables, spices and salt, into the ham’s artery. The liquid spreads into the muscle via the venous network.

Our recipe for the brine, which gives the ham its singular flavor, is a family secret carefully preserved until today.

The curing method requires skill and precision and enables us to keep all the flavor and juiciness inside the meat, providing it with an exquisite taste.

Our employees then debone the ham and remove fat from it, following a strictly manual old-style technique.

After that, the legs are soaked in a brine bath in order for the brine to permeate the meat. The length of the process is essential and Yves Le Guel prides himself in respecting the traditional procedure, thus going against the contemporary trend of speeding things up, which deprives the product of its taste.

The soaked ham passes through a tricky phase consisting of stuffing it in a casing, which forms it into a plane-parallel shape and compresses it tightly. The meat is then allowed to rest, before being steamed.

Products with protected designation of origin

The origin of our products

We select only the best products of French origin.

Born, raised and slaughtered in France

The meat in Doumbéa products comes from animals raised in Brittany and the departments of La Sarthe and La Mayenne. The legs chosen by Yves Le Guel conform to a strict checklist of conditions, the most important ones stating that the animal must be born, raised and slaughtered in France.

He can thus be certain that his products comply with the rigorous French quality requirements and that the origin of the meat is perfectly traceable.

The brine is made with Guérande salt, the only French salt awarded with the Label Rouge, an official proof of superior quality.

Doumbéa ham is also a holder of the Saveurs Paris Île-de-France certificate issued by the CERVIA agency (Centre Régional de Valorisation et d’Innovation Agricole et Alimentaire d’Ile-de-France) and the Artisan Producteur de Qualité label bestowed by the Collège Culinaire de France.

The certificate confirms the high quality of the products made by the awarded company, their ethical code as well as the products’ local character.

We guarantee 100% natural products

Our quality charter

Every production stage is perfectly managed, in order to bring you the highest quality possible.

Hand-made, because we respect our traditions

Our prime quality meat is exclusively of French origin and comes from the best farms in the country. It is subject to stringent checks so that it can be declared compliant with our conditions and guarantees perfect traceability.
Our products are hand-made from start to finish, with respect for traditional production methods, which rule out any use of machines at any stage of the production process.
Unlike industrially produced ham, ours is not churned during the production process.
It doesn’t contain colorings or phosphates.
Each of our products is unique, which shows in the fact that our hams may have a slightly different appearance, shape and size.

Each of our products is completely natural.

Born, raised and slaughtered in France

The atelier

Doumbéa S.A.S.
166 rue de Charonne
75011 Paris