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Our products are timeless. Tradition embeds them in a long culinary history and allows you to discover the Paris of days gone by. Their sophisticated flavors also earn them recognition in contemporary cuisine, where they serve as inspiration for the most renowned chefs.
That is how they made it onto the menus of acclaimed restaurants. Let’s hear what the culinary artists have to say! Yannick Alleno and Cyril Lignac share a few secrets about Prince de Paris with you.

  • The fact that I order Prince de Paris every week means it is something special. These days you rarely find salt-cured ham of this quality.

    Head butcherThe Desnoyer butcher's shop
  • It's the best ham there is in Paris!

    YannickExecutive chef at Terroir Parisien
  • Passion for our terroir

    Store managerCheese trolley


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